Recommended to Relieve Separation Anxiety, Stress Barking & Chewing, and Fear of Fireworks

ThunderEase for Dogs May Help Your Dog Stay Calm in Common Stressful Situations





Age Range

All Dogs

Specific Uses For Product

Anxiety, Stress Barking & Chewing






Product Features

  • Recommended by thousands of vets and scientifically studied and verified for over 20 years. Use only in properly functioning 120 volt electrical outlets.
  • The most trusted brand for reducing dog anxiety – you can trust ThunderWorks for affordable, effective, easy-to-use calming solutions
  •  destructive chewing, trembling, fear of loud noises, separation anxiety, and many other “not-so-fun” symptoms your dog may display while at home
  • ThunderEase for Dogs is vet recommended, and clinically proven to effectively reduce anxiety & unwanted behavior in 90%+ of dogs, by making them feel safer, calmer, and less stressed
  • ThunderEase helps your dog feel calm and comfortable by mimicking a mother’s natural nursing pheromones, 100% safe and drug-free.


All Naturals


When new pups are born, their mother naturally emits pheromones that give the puppies a sense of security and comfort. These pheromones help dogs bond to each other and their mom. ThunderEase replicates these pheromones for a drug-free, vet-recommended, calming solution that puts an end to unwanted behaviors like destructive chewing and problem barking. ThunderEase is effective in treating: – Fear of loud noises like thunder and fireworks – Uneasiness in a new home or environment – Stress when socializing or during training – Problem barking – Destructive chewing – House-soiling (or “uh-ohs” as we like to call them). – Changes in the environment like new furniture or remodeling. Plug your ThunderEase Calming Diffuser in the room your dog spends the most time and watch the difference in behavior. Improvement may be seen as early as one week, but we recommend using the product for a full month for best results. Replace refills every 30 days for maximum calming benefits.

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